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The Boyer Blog: May Highlights

Friday, May 30, 2008

May Highlights

I don't know about you, but May was a very busy month for the Boyers! Here are some of the Highlights:

We celebrated 3 birthdays in May. Early in the month, we celebrated our Grandson, Adam's 2nd birthday. We also celebrated his dad's birthday (Tim) which was actually in April. We all enjoyed a "John Deere Party" for that time. Our daughter, Carrie made a John Deere cake and we used yellow and green plates, napkins, and tablecloths!
Later on in the month our daughter, Emily, celebrated a birthday and we all came together for another party, and a cookout, that ended up being an "indoor cookout" due to rain!

We also enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day- I hope you did too. What a wonderful time to, not only enjoy being honored as a mom, but also to give thanks for the precious children you have been given.

A surprise came our way in the middle of May. Tim and Kari discovered four orphaned kittens at their place, not even 1 week old. They asked our daughter, Grace, if she would like to care for a couple of them. And of course, Grace wanted to. She is absolutely excellent with animals. She's been a great "mom" to them- bottle-feeding them every few hours, even at night, grooming them, and of course, loving on them! They are very cute. Their eyes opened up after about 1 week and they are becoming more adventurous all the time!

We spoke at 3 conventions this month- Georgia, Iowa, and New Brunswick, Canada. We enjoyed speaking with and meeting so many of you!

Memorial Day was a fun time. The weather here was beautiful and we all enjoyed a big cookout with the family and a few friends as well. We are so thankful for those who have sacrificed their lives for our country, so that we are able to live in freedom, which is what Memorial Day is all about.

At the very end of the month, many of us attended the Virginia State Convention held in Richmond.

So, as I said, May has been filled with many different activities. On that note, let us always remember, maybe especially in these extra busy times, to "Be still and know that I am God".




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