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The Boyer Blog: Adam

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Adam is the 4th grandchild in the Boyer family. He just celebrated his 2nd birthday. He is the son of our second son, Tim- and his wife, Kari. Adam is their second child. He reminds us so much of when Tim was a little boy, himself! He enjoys getting into mischief, in which he will look at you and flash you a very big grin! He has blonde hair and very big blue eyes! Adam loves coming up to "Nana's house". He and Nana have many "special rituals" we do together each time Adam is over. One of these is when Nana is holding Adam and will say "Where's George Washington?" And Adam will point to the picture of George Wshington. "Where's Stonewall Jackson?" And Adam will point down the hall to the print of Stonewall. He knows quite a few of them! Adam is very mechanical, as he proves when he plays with puzzles! He learns them very quickly! Adam is also very affectionate, especially with his cousins. He loves to give repeated kisses and hugs over and over and over....! Adam's newest news is that he has started sleeping in a "big boy" bed instead of his crib! Here's some more fun facts about this little guy:

Favorite Food:
Meat (with ketchup, of course!)

Favorite Things to do: Play outside; Puzzles; Read books; ride on tractors

Interests: Cars,trucks, airplanes, trains, etc; George Washington

What makes him laugh: Daddy

What makes him afraid: Bears

New things he says: "Dedus (Jesus)- Happy, God- happy" (he is learning that he needs to act in a way that would make God happy)

"Take Your Hat Off"
is one of Adam's favorite CDs. He listens to it every day for nap.
It is this month's featured product- take a look!

Adam enjoys playing with many Learning Parent products. Check out some of his other favorites in the "Adam's Picks" list!



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