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The Boyer Blog: April Highlights

Friday, May 9, 2008

April Highlights

Spring is such a beautiful time of year! And our family has been enjoying the warmer weather, reading outside, taking more walks, planting flowers, and just being outside more, once again! I'm sure your family is enjoying it as well! March and April were very busy months for the Boyers! Let me fill you in on some of the reasons why:

Beginning in March, our 2nd oldest son, Tim, made the decision to run for a position within the Republican party, chairman of the 5th district in VA. So, most of March and all of April were filled with the demands of the campaign. Tim was running against a 10 year incumbent, with a lot of name recognition. We kept his 2 children often during this time so he and his wife, Kari could travel the district and meet the people, etc. This position was one that wold be determined at a convention in April- the delegates there would determine the outcome. You can hear a clip of his speech, given at the convention, at this link we happened to come across the other day.
Tim did not win- but he came within just a few votes of doing so! We are confident that God wanted Tim to run for this position- we are very proud of him for doing it! You can also check out his blog and see some of went on during the campaign. He also posts conservative pieces on the blog frequently.

Easter was in March this year, and we all enjoyed the festivities around that special season- coloring Easter eggs, making EMPTY tombs, special Easter meals, and Resurrection music filling the home.

Our daughter, Christa, took her 2nd solo trip to Wichita, to see Rick's mom- aka "grannie". Crista flew out there and stayed for 2 weeks. In the meantime, Rick's oldest brother, Dean, visited us for about the same amount of time. They enjoyed fishing, and Tuck and he did some work in a creek to make a dam at Rick's other brother's house, nearby.

In March, the moms of our grandkids began to have little get togethers at their homes where they can visit with each other and the cousins can play together. It's a fun time to have

We also celebrated 2 birthdays in April- Tim's (32) and Lauren's (1) -kate's daughter. Kate threw a "Puppy Party" for Lauren. Kate thought up many cute ideas to add to that theme. Lauren's other grandparents also came in for the occasion and celebrated with us. Lauren also had her first taste of cake at her party and she LOVED it! (it was shaped like a dog, of course!!)
April also meant preparing for the many Homeschool conferences where we will be speaking in May. You can see a calendar of where we will be speaking next. We would love to meet you!

We give thanks to God for His mercies which are new, not only every month, but every day!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray Tim hangs in there and continues running for office as he feels led. As a homeschool grad, I'm certain he's learning every step of the way and becoming a stronger candidate for next time! --Peggy

May 21, 2008 at 9:11 AM  

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