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Friday, July 17, 2009

Some Boyer Family Highlights this Summer

We have been so busy this spring and early summer. Things are winding down now from a busy convention season and we are looking forward to spending the summer with our family. In May and June we spoke at six state conventions: Wyoming, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We met so many dedicated, committed parents. I am excited to see what God has in store for our country because of the revival I believe He has begun with home schooling families across this nation. Let us remember to pray for each other and for God to raise up a mighty army to lead our country back to the godly principles it was founded upon.
We had the blessing of attending the Reformation 500 event in Boston with Vision Forum. It was very inspiring and thrilling to see the place where the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre took place and the spot the Sons of Liberty would gather!! We went from there to spend a few days on Cape Cod with my family.(Marilyn) Grace, Tuck, Kelley and Kasey went with us on this Massachusetts trip. I grew up on Cape Cod, but they hadn't been up there since my dad died in 1999, so it was a treat for them to see the places they had heard of from the other kids memories.
Emily had her birthday in May and Christa in June. We are looking forward to celebrating Cassidy's fourth birthday on Saturday. Rick, Grace, and Tuck are in Missouri right now visiting Rick's relatives on the farm. Next week we will all be together again.
Our garden is doing super this year. We've had enough rain and Tuck has taken wonderful care of the plants. We are eating squash, corn on the cob and cucumbers and tomatoes!! Tuck's ducks have gotten quite large and walk around the yard together. They love swimming in his garden pond.
Kelley has been practicing the piano and is becoming quite accomplished. Kasey has been working all week on her birthday present for her niece, Cassidy. She is making her a dollhouse and decorating it and with furnishing and people.
I am working on preschool character curriculum to help train my grandkids in some of the things I taught their parents as they were growing up. So many of the resources I used are now out of print, so hopefully it will be available soon.
Have a great summer. Take time to do some of the fun things you don't get around to during the school year! That's what I plan to do. Watch for some new pictures to be posted soon. God bless.




Blogger Mrs. White said...

Sounds like you are having a busy and wonderful summer! Good to hear an update!

Mrs. White

July 18, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

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