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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Death is Not Dying"....LISTEN TO THIS!

A while back a friend of mine sent me a link to listen to an amazing testimony..."Death is Not Dying" given by a young woman, (wife and mother) who is dying of cancer, with only a short time left to live.
I figured I would read it at some point, but knowing that is would likely be an emotional interview, I did not feel like crying, so I put it off.
Then, I found the same interview on Nancy Leigh DeMoss's website ( So, I decided this time I would listen...and I am SO glad I did. I was convicted by many of her points. I STRONGLY encourage you to take a little while a listen to this amazing testimony. It is 55 minutes in length....break it up if you need to, it is worth it!

It is titled Death is not Dying. You can find it at (this is a video and there are also pictures of the event where she spoke at this site)

Or, on Revive our Hearts' website where it is broken up into two segments....



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