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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Household Tips and Dollar Stretcher

Here are a few household tips that have been passed along to me over time from one person or another. I cannot say I have tried all of them, but I have tried a few, and plan on testing out more. These should help your dollar stretch a little further and give you some practical help around the home, too. Enjoy!

~Dryer Sheets- 21 New uses

~Also on the subject of dryer sheets, be sure to tear one in half with your load of laundry, instead of using it whole. It works just as well and it makes your box last twice as long!

~Peroxide- 13 New uses

~Homemade Glass Cleaner
2-3 parts water
1 part ammonia
A Few squirts dish detergent

-pour all into a large spray bottle.

I have tried this one and it works Great! An entire bottle of Ammonia is around $1, so you can see how economical this one is!

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Anonymous Laurie Hammer said...

I personally don't like the ammonia smell or the toxicity of it. I simply use 2 microfiber cloths, One wet and one dry....that is how I clean all my windows and mirrors. No streaks and they are squeaky clean :-).

August 20, 2011 at 9:08 AM  

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