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The Boyer Blog: Our family in April

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our family in April

We went to Alaska for the first time ever in the month of April. We spoke at a home schooling convention just outside of Wasilla and spent a couple days touring with a wonderful family there. Alaska is awesome. There are tall snow capped mountains all around you. The glaciers were just beginning to break up and we didn't see any green of course, but it was breathtaking. The convention went well. We met lots of moms and dads anxious to raise up mighty warriors for the Lord.

The day after we returned from Alaska, Rick and Laura left to speak at the MassHope Convention in Worcester! They had a wonderful time. It is so encouraging to see moms and dads who want to train their kids to serve Him and and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to do so.

Easter was a fun family celebration for us. I (Marilyn) made salt and flour empty tombs with Cassidy and Anne as well as Resurrection Rolls. That was a really neat illustration and a yummy treat too!! We all got together for dinner Easter night as usual with our traditional ham dinner.

We had two birthdays in April, Tim's and Lauren's. We had our first cook out of the year to celebrate Tim's. It was a beautifully warm day. We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and had plenty of wonderful side dishes. Tim chose caramel squares instead of cake. The kids had a wonderful time having rides in the wagon, Uncle Tim's truck, and on the toy tractors and bikes. Rick Jr. even took a short break from studying for law school to join us for dinner.

Dusty and Luke and Melody are in Tucson visiting her family. The kids are enjoying museums and the zoo. Luke was excited to see a space simulator and get to "work" it. They will return home after Rick completes his last law school final next week.

Chris and Grace got to spend a weekend at the beach with family friends. It was a treat to have such a warm weekend.

Lauren's birthday's was celebrated with pizza for supper, one of her favorites and a doghouse cake with doggie cupcakes that Kate made. It was super cute. Kevin's folks came to town to help celebrate. It was good to see them again. Lauren got a jack in the box, a tricycle,a personalized drinking mug, Busy Bible, Familiar Things puzzles and a little homemade apron and cooking spoons and spatulas. She wanted to make cookies the next day! She had lots of fun. Daddy and Uncle Matt assembled her trike while the grandkids played with the rest of the toys.

Matt, Emily, Carrie and Chris left the end of the month to attend the graduation of their cousin, John, from Maine Maritime. Congrats John!! They drove all the way up and will be home again early May.
Grace has been busy duplicating CD's and preparing for all the upcoming conventions in May and June.

We hope to see many of you in the next two months.

Blessings, Marilyn

New Pictures soon to follow. =)



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