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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Great Story For Boys!

LAST DAY! (Friday, March 5) Receive this softcover book Free when you spend $50 with the Learning Parent! (add The Runt to your cart and use promo code: RUNT at checkout)

An exciting and heartwarming adventure story with a timeless character lesson...
I wrote The Runt because I wanted to teach a character lesson woven into a rollicking, kids' adventure story. The lead character, Kit Hunt, is a country boy living in the Missouri Ozarks of the 1880's. He loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, swimming in the creek and having adventures with his barefoot pal, Simmer.
Kit is strong, suntanned and every bit a boy's boy, but he struggles as many kids do, with feelings of inferiority. He's small for his age and he gets tired of feeling put down and pushed around. He's a Christian but he wonders sometimes whether he's as important to God as some other people. He can't help an inner sense of inadequacy.
Being a normal boy of his time and place, Kit loves roaming the woods at night with his father as their hounds chase the elusive raccoon. His boyish dream is to have a dog of his very own, a champion coonhound of impeccable breeding which he plans to train into the best of the best. He'll show everybody what he and his dog can do!
But when the dog comes into his life, he finds that seemingly God has handed him second best once again, and things get worse yet before they get better. The story ends with a life-and-death challenge that Kit and his dog must meet together.
The Runt is my humble gift to every kid who ever felt, as I once did, that he or she somehow doesn't measure up. I hope every young person who reads it will come to understand as Kit did, that God makes each of us very special and we have all been the raw materials to achieve greatness as He

~Rick Boyer

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