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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great Resources for Boys

We've selected many of our best resources that we think are great for BOYS!
Adventure, Heroes, and Character can be found in any of these Books or CDs.
Help your son grow into a man of godliness and character by exposing him to resources filled with good and worthwhile things.
Phil 4:8Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Books for Boys:

The Runt
Book 9.95/ Audiobook CD or Download: 19.95

He was a runt. Kit Carson Hunt was tired of being the smallest boy in the Flat Creek country. He dreamed of doing big things. First, he wanted to rule the Ozark woods with his champion coonhound. But when the dog came into his life, it wasn`t champion material, just a mixed breed hound puppy, and the runt of the litter, at that. But God moves in strange ways. He would use that mongrel pup to teach Kit what it really means to be a winner. Our kids especially love the audio version. They have listened to it again and again. available as a This action-packed novel, is sure to be a winner with readers of all ages.

Civil War Series 5 Books of Historical Fiction- $84.95
This five-book set tells the story of America’s greatest conflict through the lives and experi
ences of Kentucky cousins Harry Kenton and Dick Mason. Torn between family ties and political beliefs, father and son Kenton serve in the Confederate army, while Dick Mason leaves his widowed mother and fights to preserve the Union.
1.The Guns of Bull Run 2.The Guns of Shiloh 3.The Scouts of Stonewall 4.The Sword of Antietam 5.The Star of Gettysburg

Attack on Pearl Harbor
Hardcover- 18.99

This book is incredibly interesting!! Tuck and I have read it many times over. It tells true eyewitness accounts of several of the players in Pearl Harbor, an eleven-year old , a sailor, trapped in the ship, Oklahoma, the Japanese submarine commander, and the Japanese commander of the entire mission. The book switches from scene to scene as it tells the true account from these eyewitness. It even pictures the people at the time as well as when they are older, years later. This author has a gift for making you feel as if you were there in person. This is one book you won`t want to miss!

American Revolution Heroes Series
Set of 3 books- $23.85

Cheryl Harness uses her interest in history and art to create picture-book biographies that make it easy for kids to connect with people from the past.
These books have wonderful illustrations and helps make history come alive.

Picture Book Series of American Patriots
Set of 6 Books- 69.95

This is a wonderful series for children that gives them personal information about leaders from our country`s founding period. The author makes history come alive as he shares true information about the lives of of our brave leaders. Perfect for children preschool age through elementary school. Two of the titles are hardcover and the other four are softcover.

A Little Boy after God's Own Heart

Jim and Elizabeth share Biblical truths in fun rhymes for little guys. This book offers encouragement for growing boys to share God`s love when being a good friend, honoring their parents by behaving well, practicing patience as they help others--including brothers and sisters--demonstrating the Golden Rule by being generous, and following through as a faithful, obedient boy. The combination of charming paintings and easy-to-learn lessons will guide boys toward the heart of God and toward a life of godliness that shows in their words, actions, and spirit.

God's Wisdom for Little Boys

I love this book! The illustrations are paintings of children -- and so well done! Share with the little boy in your life the gift of God`s wisdom from Proverbs, and teach him the character and traits of a godly man. As you read the fun rhymes together you will be illustrating wisdom and strength; he will discover how special he is as a child of God.

CDs and Audio Downloads for Boys

Stories of American Life and Adventure
CD: 12.00
MP3CD: 10.00

Enjoy listening as Uncle Rick reads and early America comes to life in these exciting stories. Explore the wilderness with the pioneers and brave the dangers of the vast ocean with the New Bedford whaling men! Your great grandparents loved these dynamic adventure stories and your children will love them too! This is 2 hour audio presentation.

uncle rick tell stories of
The War For Independence

CDs: 14.00

These stories were originally published in 1908 for use in the public school as fifth/sixth grade reading material. They are excellent patriotic stories of events that occurred during the War of Independence, such as the Boston Tea Party, and events that led to the war and people involved in it. They are fascinating for kids ages 5- 13. Approx. 150 minutes contained on two CD`s.

uncle rick reads
The Trues Story of Benjamin Franklin

4 CD set- $28.00

Perhaps no other American of his time was so well-known and accomplished so much in the interest of American independence as Benjamin Franklin....Long buried in obscurity, this once-famous biography of Franklin has been revived and audio- recorded by Uncle Rick in his ongoing mission of introducing the children of America to the glories of their heritage as Christian Americans.

uncle rick reads
The True Story of George Washington

Cd set: 21.00
Audio Download: 15.00

He was called the Father of his country -- George Washington: soldier, surveyor, farmer, statesman -- the epitome of the American hero. Now this American giant comes alive once again in this classic audio reproduction of the 1895 biography. Though neglected in modern "politically correct" history books, George Washington was once the hero of every patriotic American boy and girl. Now he once again assumes his rightful place as, in the words of General "Light Horse" Harry Lee, "First in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen."

Read in the entertaining and informal style of "Uncle Rick Boyer," children of all ages will love this great biographical classic and Uncle Rick`s Character Commentary, added throughout to give the full benefit of the life example of this exemplary man. Watch your children effortlessly learn history, language, and sterling character as Uncle Rick reads The True Story of George Washington. This is over three hours of entertaining character through history!

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