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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fun Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is not a major holiday, but it is a fun time to express your love in extra ways to your family.
When I was growing up, we did not have a lot of extra money, so expensive gifts were not a part of Valentine's Day, but Mom made it special in many ways, and I think her creativity was what made it special- more than an excess of gifts ever would! After all, gifts are not the only way to show love or celebrate a special day!
We always woke up on Valentine's Day morning to find a small gift and a card waiting for us at our place at the table. It was nothing extravagant or expensive, by any means....usually a small stuffed animal or candy or a book- something like that. And it was with great Excitement that we ran to the table to see our small treasure.
I can also remember several times Mom bought heart-shaped foil pans and baked little chocolate cakes in them, and wrote "Happy Valentines Day" on them with icing. So, each of us had our OWN little cake, and as a child, having my OWN cake was something special! =)

Here is a fun thing to do on Valentine's Day...I have done it for my children and my husband, with slight variations:

~Cut out several hearts out of red, pink, white construction paper (I trace a large heart cookie cutter and then cut that)

For younger children:
Draw a picture of an object where you will hide the next clue/heart. (for instance, I drew a picture of a hanger, which told them to look in the closet, or draw a door, and attach a heart clue to the door.
Finally, the clues will lead them to their Valentine's Treasure....(I personally like to give my kids a new book for Valentines day.)

For older children: (I also did this for my husband one year)

Make a rhyme with a main clue on it.......for example:

for a husband...."I love you so much. We will never part. You hold the key to the door of my heart. (i would underline the word door- indicating that was the clue)
For a child: "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You are a treasure, The Bible says that's true" (and the next clue would be on my Bible or the child's Bible)

Make as many clues as you want, and then hide their gift at the final destination.
It takes a little bit of time to think up the rhymes, but it is a lot of fun!

I guarantee your kids will remember these special Valentine's Day hunts, and more importantly, remember the special effort you made to show them your love in a special way! <3

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