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The Boyer Blog: Teach your children to be true patriots!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Teach your children to be true patriots!

Teach your children to be true patriots... This is so important in the time period God has placed us. Much ground has been lost in America through ignorance and apathy on the part of Christians.

Only when one understands the foundations of our country and the sacrifices that our founders made to obtain the freedoms we now enjoy can we really be true patriots. It’s so crucial that we learn these truths and pass them along to our children. David Barton has done an excellent job at educating us using primary source documents. We listen to his tapes, read his books, and watch his videos. Our kids began inviting friends up every Monday night to watch the videos. We did it with a few groups of kids, then in our church on Wednesday nights for two twelve week segments. Having grown up and been schooled in the public sector, I had no knowledge of the exciting truths he shares until I began looking for information to pass along to my kids.

For example, did you know that Robert Morris, one of the signers of the Declaration, financed the first three years of the revolution out of his pocket? He gave two million dollars. The country was never able to repay him. He never complained even though he spent his final days in debtor ‘s prison.

When the founders pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, it wasn’t just empty words. John Hancock, a wealthy Boston merchant, was forced to flee for his life when the British gave orders to find and execute all who signed the Declaration. The British set up headquarters in his mansion . When Hancock discovered that, he rounded up the militia, returned to Boston , and blew up his own house and all his belongings rather than have the British benefit at American expense.

Dave Barton makes clear our responsibility to be involved in civil government. I’m praying God will call a multitude of home educated kids to grow up and become involved in government , so we will see a return of America to her godly roots. Did you know that it used to be a requirement to be a Christian to be elected to office in America? I’m excited that our kids can play a major role in turning this country back to God. Our kids have the God –given opportunity to be used as salt and light and effect permanent changes! Maybe one of your children will be one of our next Supreme Court justices!!


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