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Friday, December 12, 2008

Get to Know Luke!

Luke Douglas is our second grandchild, first grandson. His parents are Rick (our firstborn) and Christina. Luke just recently turned 4. He passion is cars and believe it or not, vocabulary!! He loves difficult words. Information is extremely interesting to him and his little brain is full of it. He astounds us with the concepts he understands. His Mom is working with him on Bible verses and he has much committed to memory. As I found with my children, little children can learn so much faster than us adults and what a marvelous thing to fill their minds with God's Word. He loves playing with Uncle Tuck, Aunt Kasey and cousin Cassidy. Luke is a good big brother to Melody, who is now 2 yr. old and helps his Mommy by entertaining her at play.

Favorite food:Gum!

Favorite Animal:baby white bunnies

Favorite Pastime(s): going to Nana's

Something He has learned recently: Luke has been interested in the happenings of 9/11 and is learning the reality of what occurred that day...the allegiance to good or evil.

Favorite Books: Car books



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