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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Family In October

This month was a busy birthday month for us. My oldest son, Rick was born on my 20th birthday, so we celebrated our special day on October 15th.We have a tradition of letting the birthday person choose their favorite meal and dessert. We decorate with balloons and streamers. The whole family will come up for supper to celebrate. The kids got me a digital picture frame so I can display lots of different pictures of my kids and grandkids. I'm running out of wall space!!
Five days later, was my youngest's (Kasey) birthday. Kasey chose Cheesy Chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans and butternut squash. She completed the meal with peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting and ice cream as well as her favorite Chocolate No-Bake cookies. Then on the 25th was Nate's 31st birthday. His daughter Anne loved the balloons! October 30th is Christina (Dusty's) birthday.
Grannie (Rick's Mom) from Wichita, KS came for a visit. She loves to come in the fall to see our wonderful foliage in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Kasey decorated her room with streamers and we surprised her with a bouquet of roses. We have lots of day trips planned during her 12 day stay. We'll tell you about that next month. She'll be here through the first week of November.
We had a fun day at the Pumpkin Patch. Nana, her daughters-in-law and several daughters as well as all the grandkids enjoyed a fun morning at homeschool day. We have a Noah's Ark to climb on and several blow up jumping activities at our Pumpkin Patch as well as pumpkins for all the children to paint.
Tuck, Kelley, Kasey and I spent a fun day at the Peaks of Otter in Bedford VA with some special friends. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and took a hike around the lake. We appreciated God's awesome creativity in fall colors on Sharp Top Mountain and on the Parkway.
Early in the month, I spoke in Greenfield, IN at a ladies retreat. It was a wonderful bunch of ladies who desired to invest their lives in training their little ones to serve our Savior. It is always such a joy to spend time with like-hearted moms.
Matt, Emmy, and Carrie are preparing to leave for life changing trip to Israel, the land where our Lord walked and served. They are going on a trip led by our Pastor and Co-Pastor. Many of our friends are going also. Our Pastor has Scriptures for them to learn and will lead them in services at key places throughout the land. I'm sure it will revolutionize their Bible reading for the rest of their lives to be able to really visualize all the place talked of in Scripture. We are excited for them. They leave October 31st.
I am wrapping up my latest writing project, For You They Signed. It is a year's worth of character lessons from the lives of the Signer of the Declaration of Independence. I was excited to receive David Barton's endorsement on the book. We look forward to making it available to you soon.
As we enjoy the chilly nights and clear crisp days of fall, I marvel at the goodness of God that He has given us the privilege of training up children who love Him above all and the blessing of watching as our small grandchildren are being trained up to serve our mighty God. God is good!!



Blogger Marcia said...

I hope Matt, Emmy, and Carrie had a wonderful time in Israel. What a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for sharing a bit about your lives every month, for the great recipes you share, and the wonderful pictures. I enjoy your blog, but don't write and tell you often enough. I think I use your recipe book more than any other I own.
Marcia Murphey

November 21, 2008 at 12:40 AM  

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