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The Boyer Blog: September Highlights

Thursday, September 25, 2008

September Highlights

September began for us at the beach! We left the week before labor day for our favorite beach destination and spent a beautiful and wonderful week at the beach. We actually came back one day early this year because of the threatening Hurricane Hannah, but regardless of that, it was a relaxing vacation, and we made many new and precious memories of time spent together. The beach we go to is quiet and private. We don't go "to town" very much while there, other than to buy groceries. We prefer to spend most of the day down at the beach, sitting by the water, swimming, looking for shells. Then in the evenings, a few of the girl's alternate who cooks supper. We all went out to eat one night while there. A lot of us enjoyed playing games like Scattegories, Tabu, Sequence, out on the porch, until late in the night. It was a lot of fun.

Once we returned home and settled back in to normal life, the pace picked up right where we left off. Rick left that Sunday morning for the Leadership Conference in Buffalo, NY. Our son, Matt, and I joined him on Wednesday. It was a great an inspiring conference, as always. We were able to hear from speakers such as John Ashcroft and Ted Tripp. Matt enjoyed singing well into the wee hours of the morning with some of the other young people at the conference. He looks forward to that each year. We were also able to visit Niagra Falls, which is, indeed, a beautiful sight to see. We enjoyed that very much.

The week after we returned from the conference, it was back-to-school time. I am only teaching 3 children this year- Tuck, Kelley, and Kasey- this seems very strange to me, as I am used to so many more.

Christa went on another beach trip this month- only this time it was as 'baby-sitter'. Each year she goes on vacation with our Pastor's family, who she takes care of often.

And then, we celebrated 4 birthdays this month. Tuck, Rick (Sr.) and Kelley, and Kevin (Kate's husband) For Rick's birthday, Kevin organized having a special gift made for Rick to honor his time in the Air Force, service to our country. It was a beautiful display of Rick's medals and badges from the Air Force. He was very surprised and pleased to receive it.

I am scheduled to speak as the main speaker at the Touching Hearts for the Creator- Home School Moms Retreat in Greenfield , Indiana at the end of September/beginning of October. Our Pastor's wife and good friend of mine, Tracey, is going to accompany me.

And Grace had the opportunity to play piano at a concert that was held in our local mall on a Saturday afternoon.

So, as always, we are not lacking for activities or responsibilities to occupy ourselves! I'm sure it is the same in your families, as well. I am thankful for my family and all the busyness I am able to enjoy- yes ENJOY- because of them! God is good- and all that He does is good!



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