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Monday, July 28, 2008

July Highlights

July has been a HOT month in Virginia. It's hard to believe the year is halfway through already! Here are some of the highlights from the Boyer family this month:

We began the month by celebrating our nation's birthday- Independence Day! We actually held our 4th of July cookout on the 5th, so that the whole family would be able to come. We invited some good friends and the weather allowed us to cook out. The food was plentiful and the fellowship was sweet. A particularly special time that evening was when we took a few moments to reflect on all that Independence day represents. We read a few articles and speeches written about our great country, and then I passed out little cards with the name of different founders of our country. The cards also included what each man did for his country in order that she might be free. Many of them died after losing family and fortune- so much was given so that you and I could be free. So- we went around the table and people read their card. We followed this up with our own comments about our involvement in our country and then we stood and sang the Star Spangled Banner- it was a very moving time!

Cassidy, our first grandchild, celebrated her fourth birthday this month. We went to the mountains, about 30-45 minutes from our house and celebrated with a picnic and playing in the creek. It was a lot of fun.
July brings 3 Boyer anniversaries: Nate and Tina celebrated their 8th anniversary on the 21st, and Rick and Dusty were married 7 years as of July 7th. And then Rick and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary on July 29th!

Two of our sons, Matt and Tim traveled to Missouri for about 6 days to visit with some of Rick's relatives who live there. They enjoyed operating tractors and assisting them in making hay. The drive is about 16 hours long- it's a biggie!

Marilyn spent July doing fun activities with Tuck, Kell and Kasey that we don't get a chance to do during the school year. Kasey did a sewing project, making a tote bag to take to church and also a pillow for her bed.

Kelley and Kasey began cake decorating practice with Mom. We used a basic course and made up a big batch of icing. Each day for 2 wk we practiced different skills and this week will end up making cakes and using all the skills we've learned.

Tuck has also started some projects. He got wood to build a big tree house, and he also built a garden pond and is watching the different animals and birds it attracts. Soon he will stock it with some fish and plants.

Luke spent a week with Nana and Granddad while his Mommy visited her Dad in Arizona.

Uncle Rick has been recording wonderful history stories for his little buddies and researching to find new books and stories to tell- so watch for those!

Remember in the busyness of each month, week, and day- to cherish the moments you share with your family! Take some time this coming month to make some special memories that will last in your heart forever!



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