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The Boyer Blog: Cassidy

Monday, July 28, 2008


Cassidy is Tim and Kari's first child- and our first grandchild! She celebrated her 4th birthday in July. The whole family spent a Saturday evening at the Peaks of Otter- a part of the Blue Ridge Mountains/Parkway that is nearby to us. We enjoyed a picnic and the kids LOVED playing in the creek. Cassidy had thought long and hard about what cake she wanted- she must be a planner- she decided on a chocolate cake (of course) and pink icing with a picture of strawberries on it- so that's what she got! Cassidy is a born leader. She likes to "direct" the other cousins and take charge. She is also a smart little thing- she began her first year of preschool at home last year, and she learned so quickly. She knows all the ABCs, their sounds, and how to write many of them. She also loves to sing. Her mom and dad sing at church a lot, and when they do, Cass is usually sitting in the back singing the songs along with them- having learned the songs by hearing them practice them. Cass loves to be read to, and she loves to sit and hear stories told to her. Granddad (Rick) has been making some of the kids CDs with stories about historical figures, and Cass just eats these up! She loves them! Watch for similar Uncle Rick products! Cassidy adds excitement and fun whenever she is around. Her energy never runs out! Her parent's say she has a sweet, tender heart. She is very obedient and she seems to have a sensitive conscience. We pray God will draw Him to Himself and use that tenderness to make her a godly woman!
Here's some fun facts about Cassidy!

Favorite Color: Red and Pink

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Something she has learned recently: How to write her name

Something she loves to do: Go on outing with her aunts, Ride bikes, Listen to stories, play dress-up, play with baby dolls, play doll house, painting, swimming, jumping on trampoline

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