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Monday, October 12, 2009

Webinars available!

Did you know that we have presented webinars in conjunction with HSLDA? Now you can attend seminars right in your own home!!

Just follow this link and enter the date and name of the webinar

Rick and Marilyn collaborated with 6 of their grown children to present Educating for Eternity (Aug. 3, 2009) in which the kids recalled the lessons they learned growing up and how they hope to pass those same ideas and values on to their own children.

Home Educating for Eternity Webinar:

"Wow! My husband and I prayed before listening to your event and boy, did our loving Lord deliver!! You guys have encouraged us so very much! The Holy Spirit knew what we needed to hear and we are not the same after hearing this. Thank you so much. God bless you."


Rick presented his workshop, Beyond the Textbooks (August 5, 2009) in which he explains what a real education is and how it happens naturally and powerfully when parents design a lifestyle of learning and service and lead their children through it day by day.

Marilyn spoke on Rekindling our Founders' Vision (July 15, 2009), a message she was motivated to create as a result of the research she did while writing her new book, For You They Signed. She was so inspired by the Christian character of these great men that she has dedicated herself to teaching her children from their examples and helping other moms to do the same. It’s revolutionary!


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