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The Boyer Blog: Grace

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Grace is 18 years old and is my right arm with the Learning Parent. She helps in order fulfillment, customer relations, and duplication to name a few tasks. Grace is very diligent and dependable. She is very organized and sets daily goals to accomplish and somehow manages to get them done! She loves the outdoors and her animals. We keep 4 horses at a friends farm and Grace delights in riding them. She also has chickens, cats, guineas, and trains both our blood hound and lab mix. She recently got her learner's permit and is practicing driving. She helps me a lot with her younger sisters as she works from home. She is very diligent at piano and becoming quite skilled at it. She often helps out with her nieces and nephews as well and enjoys spending time with each of them. Her days are full, but she still finds time to spend with friends of all ages. We are thankful for Grace.

Favorite Pastimes: Riding Horses, crocheting, spending time with family Interests: Music, reading books on Biblical Womanhood
Favorite Food: Fresh Fruit
A Favorite Childhood Memory: Playing in the garden hose "sprinkler", taking Christmas cookies to neighors every year
1 Reason I'm glad I was Homeschooled: Didn't have to deal with peer pressure and bad influences nearly as much as otherwise would have, instead got to spend more time with my family
Favorite Person in History: Betsy Ten Boom, because of her strong faith and unwavering commitment to God in the hardest of circumstances

Favorite Learning Parent products:

Thy Word Scripture Memory; loved these as a little girl learned so much Scripture from them!
Jesus and the Children Print; Mom put my picture in place of the little girl in Jesus' hands and hung it by my bed and I'd look at that when I got scared at night and remember that Jesus was with me.
On My Own biographies; We didn't have these when I was learning to read but I'd have loved them; the book I learned from was so boring : )



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